The following document outlines the terms and conditions of use of the Edulify platform.

Before using any of the Edulify services, you are required to read, understand and agree to these terms. You may only create an account after reading and accepting these terms. The column on the right provides a short explanation of the terms of use and is not legally binding.

About creating your profile, courses and institutions

By creating a profile, course or institution at Edulify, you agree to provide only true and valid information. If it is verified that given data are untrue, Edulify has the right to suspend temporarily or permanently your account in order to preserve peace and harmony in our environment of study. The temporary or permanent suspension as a result of user actions that violate the Edulify Terms of Use and Service will block all services offered by to you, without compensation or reimbursement.

Meaning that,

Use true informations in order to maintain order and harmony in

About the Plans Policy

Edulify has plans available for educational institutions. Each plan has an associated price, and the differences between the plans are only the quantity of courses that can be created. Other differences may arise in the future without futher notice. Once a plan is signed, the user can use it for 30 days for free. After that, the user that created the institution will receive a charge via email if the plan is not free. If the user give up during the trial period, no payment must be made. However, the institution courses will be deleted and the plan will be reseted to the free plan. The quantity of courses are shared for all institution teachers.

Meaning that,

Edulify plans differs in quantity of courses available. The charge is send to the email of the user that created the institution.

About refund of the payment

From the first day of subscription, you have seven calendar days to request a full refund. Upon user request for refund, the full amount will be returned via Paypal. After seven days from subscription date of the first OR next plans, the plan cancellation will not be refunded.

Meaning that,

Refunds are paid as credit in the registred card, if requested until seven days from payment day.

About changing and cancel of Plans

The institution associated with an Edulify Plan can, at any time and without any loss, change the current Plan to another with more resources. The change to a Plan with less resources is not possible. The user can also, at any time, cancel your plan, with no financial burden. At the cancelation time, all courses created by the institution teachers will be deleted, and no user will be able to access them, neither its lessons. The Plan reactivation does not imply in courses reactivation.

Meaning that,

You can only upgrade or cancel your Plan. Plan cancelation deletes all courses.

About Privacy of your data

In order to make Edulify even better, we collect some information about how you interact with us. You have our guarantee that we will not misuse your data or make them available to third parties without your permission.

Meaning that,

Your private data are completely secured.

About the information posted

All content and comments are the responsibility of its authors. Edulify only provides a platform for publishing and sharing of content.

Meaning that,

You are responsible for your content production.

About inappropriate content

Edulify will not accept inappropriate content posted by users through courses, lectures, messages and comments. Among the inappropriate content, we can mention: pornography, racist attitudes and prejudices and any other that violates universal human rights. Once identified, the content will be deleted from the database and the Edulify user permanently banned.

Meaning that,

Inappropriate behaviors are discouraged.

About copyright responsibilities

Edulify has no responsibility for the copyright of content provided by its users, leaving the responsibility to the user that has published the content. Also, you are the copyright owner of every single contribution that you made in

Meaning that,

The copyright belongs to it's author.

About storage of the content available

We are using a third part service to store and distribute all the content shared in As a result, Edulify does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such content. The data available from the authors are authored by the authors, not fitting the Edulify the right to co-authorship such data.

Meaning that,

Availability of stored data in is not guaranteed by us. We do not have co-authorship for user content.

About change of terms

Edulify has the right to change the terms and current services, announcing changes previously for our users.

Meaning that,

We can change our terms without notice you.