We are a classroom extension to your university.

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Simple. intuitive

Technology must help you to learn easily, instead of make it hard. We build a simple and intuitive product that helps you to achieve what you want to do faster. Create courses, lessons and institutions in just a few steps..

Social by design

We help you to build a social network where your students can participate, create content and help each other. You can follow people that insterest you and have one to one conversations if you want. And there is more coming.

No installation

No infrastrucute required. No maintenance to do updates or to serve more users. You just sign up and start to use. And we offer unlimited storage space, free support, a secure product that is always getting faster and compatible with modern browsers.

Game approach

We use a gamification approach to engage students to help each others and learn more. Our idea is to provide an enviroment where students can achieve full potential and fell progress while learning and helping.

And even more goodies

Edulify.com Manage your institution easily

Easy to manage your institution. Just a click.

You can add or remove teachers and administrator for your instutition in a second. Once added in an institution, a teacher can create courses, lessons, exercicies, add an assistent and much more.

Edulify.com Easy to Create Courses

Easy to create courses. Lessons are even easier.

We help you to keep focused in create great courses and lessons. Instead of dealing with technology, you can spend energy creating amazing content for your students, and also share files, videos and presentations that helps you to engage the class.

Edulify.com Communication Tool

We are a communication tool. A good one.

Learn is both an individual and social activity. Edulify.com offers a unique set of tools to help you to communicate with students. But there is more: our course posts, lesson comments and private messages also let students to communicate with each other. Just like a classroom.

Edulify.com File Sharing

Unlimited file sharing. Yes, unlimited.

Our accounts offers unlimited file sharing. Really. Unlimited. So you will not worry about storage quotas or if you can upload one more file. Just share what is important for your students and we will handle the technology stuff.

Edulify.com Multimidia lessons

Multimidia lessons. Text, image, video, files.

You can create a lesson using text, embedded videos, images and attach any type of file to be downloaded. Be a creative teacher and create wonderful lessons.

Edulify.com Exercises

Course Exercises. Learn by doing.

Exercises are a powerful way to learn. By exercising the knowledge contained in courses, students will be able to learn by doing, instead of just reading the course content.

Edulify.com Groups

Institution groups. Share even more knowledge.

You, as teacher or student, can also create groups in a institution. Groups for studying, researching or anything else. Share knowledge, using text or uploading files, of any specific topic even more easily.

Edulify.com Planning the course

Planning the course. Organize your activities.

You can planning all the course, adding your classes, course events, exercises, repositions or any information in a calendar, for all students.

Edulify.com Based on games

Based on Games. Learn should be fun!

Edulify.com uses a Gamification concept, where a student earn badges for your education activities. Because learn should be fun. And we are giving this possibility to you.

Manage your institutions' events

Events for your institution. Meets people.

Create events for your institution and share with all participants messages, photos and files. Invite people and know who confirm or not.

Some institutions that already use us

Faculdade ASCES

Faculdade ASCES

Associação Caruaruense de Ensino Superior. Plataforma de apoio ao Ensino...

Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Caruaru

Faculdade de Filosofia,...

MISSÃO INSTITUCIONAL: Formação de profissionais socialmente críticos,...


The tool is very cool. You must be congratulated! The proof is that no student has difficulty using it.

Raphael D'Castro

teacher of DEINFO-UFRPE

Just for the record and take sand to the beach, your system is soooooo good. I can no longer be without it. Congratulations to you and your entire team.

Abner Barros

teacher of DEINFO-UFRPE

Start to use right now.